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Asia Pacific Knowledge Base on Open and Distance Learning


The Asia Pacific Open and Distance Learning Knowledge Base for policy makers in education is an initiative of the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education. Through this knowledge base, we aim to encourage regional and cross-sector development of open and distance learning by sharing resources, knowledge and technologies of learning. This knowledge base also hopes to enhance the thrust for educational accessibility and intellectual freedom through efficient organisation and management of educational endeavour in every country in the region.

Mission Statement

The Asia Pacific Open and Distance Learning Knowledge Base is committed to the provision of free and fair access to information on open and distance education and to enhance educational training and development through the use of learning technologies.

Our Goals

In the face of current trends, global changes and new pathways in education, this knowledge base aims to provide policy makers with a comprehensive knowledge base on the various aspects of open and distance learning (ODL).

We perceive that open learning and distance education can provide for the training and development needs of every citizen of the world. In terms of the need for openness and flexibility, we consider this approach to be significant in achieving the Millennium Development Goals forwarded by the United Nations in the year 2001.

In order to transform the condition of human life in the 21st century, the Asia Pacific Open and Distance Learning Knowledge Base aims to achieve the following goals:
  • To provide information that will help policy makers and decision makers formulate policies, develop strategies, programmes and plans to efficiently manage ODL programmes

  • To offer current and state-of-the-art information on implementing ODL with reference to teaching-learning methodology, modes of delivery, media, learning technologies and trends in research

  • To serve as a network for international collaboration by providing a platform for the exchange of information, ideas, experiences, lessons learned, and best practices

  • To provide a gateway for free and fair access to ODL databases and knowledge resources on ODL for the purpose of enhancing educational training and development.

This knowledge base is managed, maintained and hosted by the Open University Malaysia (OUM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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