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Topic: Quality assurance and control   Total Resources: 5

No Title Author Country Filename
1 Who Owns the E-learning Curriculum? Denise Kirkpatrick   Australia F171.pdf  
2 Establishing a Mechanism for Collecting Feedback on the Quality of Distance Education --A Case Study in Conducting a Follow-up Survey oaf CCRTVU Graduates and Their Employers CHANG Fengyan
YIN Shuangxu
ZHANG Fenglong
ZHANG Fenglong  
China F565.doc  
3 Design Principles in Graduate E-Learning Programmes and the Use of a Content Bank John Arul Phillips
Kasiran Buang  
Malaysia F228.pdf  
4 Curriculum Design and Educational Quality: Hsiao Ching-Mei
Chen, Min-Chun
Kao, I-Chan
Jack Fei Yang  
Taiwan F489.doc  
5 Addressing Quality Control Factors in the Design, Development, and Implementation of Distance Learning Program Michael W. Churton       -  F279.pdf