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2004 ICDE Conference, Hong Kong

2004 ICDE Conference, Hong Kong
After months of postponement, the 21st
conference of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) will finally push through on 18 - 21 February 2004. The Open University of Hong Kong will be hosting the conference with the theme,“Lifelong learning the networked world.”

The conference will cover three areas of education – basic education, higher education and continuing education including company and workforce training. Within each area, the conference will explore the challenges of providing lifelong
learning opportunities through open and distance education systems that are enhanced by information and communication technology (ICT) networks, under the following streams:

• philosophy, policies and strategies
• content and skills
• pedagogies and technologies
• support and services
• management
• research and evaluation
• quality assurance and accreditation.

The core events of the formal conference programme will be plenary sessions and discussions, parallel sessions, poster sessions, expert panel discussions and special sessions.

Practically every two years since 1938, ICDE has been organising World Conferences on Open and Distance Education. These conferences are major events, and offer a large variety of presentations on the issues related to open and distance education in all parts of the world.

Visit for more information about the 2004 ICDE Conference in Hong Kong.
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